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Welcome to our subscription video series. At this time, we are preparing for our July 1st launching. We are testing the platform and will be open to take your subscriptions shortly. If you have questions regarding our series, please contact us at directly at 305-735-9094. In the meantime, feel free to watch these two videos in which Jeff Bradetich explains in detail what will be available for those who subscribe to his Instructional Series. Jeff Bradetich's series comprise descriptive video clips that serve as a companion to his printed book The Ultimate Challenge also available in ebook format in English and Spanish from

New titles will be added weekly until the series of about 100 videos is completely presented. Please stay tuned for Jeff Bradetich's upcoming Solo Series and his Orchestral Audition video series beginning in Summer 2020.

Additionally, we offer an Orchestral Series with Eugene Levinson, former principal of the New York Philharmonic. This series, Analysis, Concepts and Musical Suggestions, is designed to offer valuable insight into the most asked orchestral excerpts for auditions. Fingerings and bowing suggestions along with great musical stories make this series highly recommended. Due to the great amount of information included, we are planning to offer two videos every month. The first two videos for the month of July feature Eugene Levinson playing and commenting on Mahler's solo from his Symphony #1 and Ginastera's solo from his Variaciones Concertantes.

Mauricio Rodriguez presents his Harmonizing the Fingerboard series in which he introduces his own progressive methodology to help you understand how to play the double bass from an approach that outlines the harmonic structure of any musical piece. Mauricio emphasizes that this series is not just for jazz bassists but also for the disciplined classical player who wants to discover all possible fingerings and patterns to improve her/his playing. Available with the subscription are music parts and mp3 accompaniment. Every month two instructional videos with tons of valuable information will be added.

The price schedule for any of the subscription series goes as follows:

1-Month $15.99 = 191.88 yearly
3-Months $29.97 = $9.99 monthly
6-Months $47.94 = $7.99 monthly
1-year $47.88 = $3.99 monthly
Life time subscription = $189.99 Unlimited

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You must pay in advance to profit from these special prices.Additionally, you may use the code ISBCC until December 31, 2019 as an extra discount for ISB members and 2019 convention attendees. We want you to be part of our Grand Opening Year that celebrates the work of these three great artists.