Welcome to The Miami International Academy of Double Bass


Welcome to MIA Bass – The Miami International Academy of Double Bass

Since our first bass workshop – Bass by the Beach 2017 – MIA Bass is dedicated to the teaching, learning and performing of the bass for all levels of players and teachers in the greater Miami area, the Southeast region of the US and ultimately the Caribbean, Latin and South American worlds.

Through the leadership of Executive Director Luis Gomez-Imbert and the Artistic Direction of Jeff Bradetich, the Academy will bring regular bass workshops, classes and concerts to the Miami area and provide high quality affordable instruments, bows and accessories plus a full line of wonderful bass ensembles and solo music to meet the needs of bassists on all levels.

Current News

Masterclass Video Series has launched

You can now learn from our master teachers Jeff Bradetich, Eugene Levinson and Mauricio Rodriguez. Click the MEMBERS link to access our world-class collection of educational videos.

In addition, Mr. Bradetich is now offering One-on-One video lessons. Click ONE-ON-ONE to learn more.

The Bass Conservatory of Miami is a great opportunity to learn double bass technique and play music written for double bass. Students from all levels of double bass playing come together to share 2 hours of bass fun. We are now offering private double bass lessons for any level.
For this 2019 Fall semester, we are meeting every Saturday from 10 am until noon in the School of Music at Florida International University. Bring your bass and your bow and share your bass skills with others. Follow us by visiting our Facebook and our Instagram pages. Links above.



Bass by the Beach 2020 (May 6th thru May 9th) is just around the corner. And this time, we are adding a new feature to its already successful model. We are introducing our 1st annual double bass competition for all ages and levels. Our jury will listen to all of those who want to participate and select the best performances. Of course, we'll continue offering the same quality and attention to detail that you are so used to experience. Click on this link TO REGISTER
From Wednesday to Friday, we will meet in the evenings and close with a great bash on a Saturday filled with masterclasses and ensemble performances.
Stay tuned to more news about our 4th annual BBTB event. There are many more surprises to unveil. Also visit us at Facebook and Instagram for up to the minute information regarding Miabass and its sister organizations and sponsors.

It is now available in our Store both in English and Spanish versions. Click on the Store link above and profit from our exclusive prices!!

We have now released Jeff Bradetich's Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge in Ebook format!



Starting in August 2019, we launched our educational video series featuring two great double bass icons : Jeff Bradetich and Eugene Levinson. Learn the fundamentals of double bass technique and familiarize yourself with the nuances of the most asked auditions excerpts. These videos will contain valuable information that you could easily access from your computer, table or smartphone. Additionally, our own composer-in-residence Mauricio Rodriguez will launch his long awaited progressive method for double bass: Harmonizing the Fingerboard.
A musical challenge for all classical and jazz double bassists. Stay tuned for more details coming up after the June 2019 ISB convention in Bloomington, Indiana.
Keep checking throughout the month of August for additional courses to be added. Eugene Levinson and Mauricio Rodriguez master classes will be available shortly. Go to MEMBERS and register today!

New Initiative by miabass.org and Miami International Academy of Double Bass

Miami International Academy of Double bass and miabass.org are proud to encourage all interested double bass artists who live in Miami or who will be visiting Miami in the near future to present a proposal for a recital, a masterclass, a lecture or any activity about the double bass for the students in the area. The main requirement is that the double bass must be the center of attention. The idea is to feature solo bass, bass and piano or bass featured with other instruments as well as double bass lectures, masterclasses and coaching sessions on a regular basis.
Miami has become a very attractive place for both classical and jazz music. There are many double bass students eager to participate in double bass events and we at miabass.org support and encourage this initiative. Please send us dates and any material that you consider necessary to use for publicity.
Please plan ahead since we can easily accommodate and reserve a hall for your presentation, especially if we have plenty time in advance. If you have recorded material, please bring it along so that we could offer them for sale to the participants.
If you have any questions regarding this new initiative, please contact us at 305-735-9094 and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions or email us at info@miabass.org. We expect a great response to this original drive and hope to see you soon sharing your knowledge with the new generation of double bassists as well as with the more seasoned players.

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